All our houses have basically the same design.   We have 4 sizes of units:
35, 55, 65 and 2x52 m2:
  So, the rates depend on the size (cf. Comparator)   * The 2x52m2 duplex is convenient for people who
  and the location on the land   want to be together but still enjoy some intimacy.
  (Garden View, Sea View or Sea Front)   This unit can accommodate, for example:
  You can also take a look at  > BO Map   2 adults + 3 kids or + 2 teenagers, 2 adults  + 2 adults
      or 2 teenagers + 2 teenagers.
  Rates per room, per night, for 1 or 2 person(s)    
  Breakfast included for up to 2 persons.   * The -55 or -65m2 units can accommodate a family
      with two kids all together,
  See > Conditions for additional charges...   or with a separate sleeping area in the -65m2.
      * The -35m2 is for 2 persons.

Rates For 2019