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      The weather

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The climate is tropical

 2 seasons:
- Dry from November till June. Temperature is between 30 and 35c during the day. The nights are usually rather cool. The sea water is at 25-28c. 

- Rainy from July till October. 
Temperature is still very nice (between 26 and 32c), but tropical rain can fall anytime, generally for a few minutes.


Typical activities on the Island:

Boat Trips 
Different trips are available for visiting the islets, and also snorkeling and fishing. 
They are usually half-day or full-day tours. 

Scuba Diving
Professional companies are available to take you and train you in the beautiful
sites around the island.
Phu Quoc is certainly not a place where you would come just for diving but,
while you are here, it's interesting to do...

Other activities...
River cruising, visiting fish-sauce factories and pepper plantations,
jungle-trekking to the waterfall...
Phu Quoc is mostly famous in the Asian world for its fish sauce, called "Nuoc Mam". The island produces more than 10 million liters of this fish sauce a year!
Phu Quoc is also known for its flavorful pepper. Wandering through a plantation
with its endless rows of pepper vines, you can appreciate how hard the island's
farmers work. It takes 3 years to take a crop to maturity.

Need more info? Check out this site:

This site about is the best documented and the most updated.

It also contains the online version of the Pocket Guide which is distributed all over the island.

You can also watch an excellent movie in 3D which makes you go around

the island by the sky.