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BO Resort (simplified :) Map

BO Resort is set on a 2.5-ha nice piece of land. The plush and luxuriant gardens slop down to a private beach and are backed by mountains.
Nineteen individual bungalows are spread over the entire hill, each offering views towards the sea from private balconies.
We could have built 40 of them, but we have wanted to keep them at least 10 meters apart. Then you can enjoy quietness and intimacy.

Here Nature is particularly luxuriant. We had to make a choice between cutting trees to let the view to the sea, or get only a 'partial' view from the bungalows in the garden. We chose to cut as less as possible. Because for us, cutting a tree is always a case...

Four of our bungalows are in front of the sea. One is just right on the beach. If you really like beach life and if you are lucky to book that bungalow in advance, then you get your own 'private' beach, with your 'private' sunbeds, backed by your 'private' balcony and bathroom. A winner! You obviously have to stand the heat during the high season (November to May).
If you are not that much of a beach lover, then you can still back up in a sea-front bungalow a little bit behind.
And if you need some coolness during the day, you can stay higher in the gardens where you will also get more plants and flowers around you...